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KD Acne Kit



The KD Acne Kit contains the Clear It Up Clarifying Acne Wash, Wipe Away the Day Treatment Pads, Smooth & Soothe Sheer Moisturizer, and the Zap It Acne Spot Treatment Gel. Suitable for all skin types, these products form four easy skincare steps to fight youth and adult acne.

  • The KD Clear It Up Acne Clarifying Wash fights blemishes with a combination of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and other natural ingredients. This product is tough on acne, but designed with special properties to allow the skin to heal.
  • The KD Wipe Away the Day Acne Treatment Pads (60 Pads) are specially formulated with a powerful glycolic and salicylic acid combination to fight acne. This solution is non-comedogenic.
  • The KD Smooth & Soothe Sheer Moisturizer is lightweight, enriched moisturizer that’s perfect for everyday use.
  • KD Zap It Acne Spot Treatment Gel repairs and eliminates breakouts by deeply penetrating the skin with a gentle, physician-grade formula.




  • Salicylic and Glycolic Acid: Unplugs and Refines pores
  • Witch Hazel: Relieves inflammation
  • Vitamin A, C, & E: Protects and Nourishes skin
  • Benzoyl Peroxide: Fights blemishes; antibacterial


Use Acne Wash, Treatment Pads, and Moisturizer 2 times daily. Apply Acne Spot Treatment Gel on any affected areas in the evening before moisturizing.


Social media star and singer Loren Gray has cleared her skin in just a month with the KD Acne Kit!

loren gray kd acne kit











Want to learn more about how to deal with acne? Listen to Dr. Kay’s BeautyBytes podcast episode here where she discusses the best ways to combat acne and what ingredients you want to look out for in skincare products.


Medical grade products use the best ingredients that are safe and can penetrate the top layers of your skin. They are stronger and therefore more effective, helping you get better results. They can help you address the areas of your concern and improve your skin! Dr. Kay currently sells her own skincare line, KD Skin, an innovative medical-grade skin care line which emphasizes the science of vibrant, sexy skin at every age. Some items, like our KD Brightening Pads for Sensitive Areas, are prepared right in our office by our nursing staff. Check out our store to find products that will help you get the results you want! Shop now!


7 reviews for KD Acne Kit

  1. Sarah Jones (verified owner)

    I can honestly say that I have tried so many products, antibiotics and care systems that were supposed to work. This is truly the best thing ever, and it cured my cystic acne. I honestly cannot think you enough, from the bottom of my heart for this product doing exactly what it says it’s going to do!

  2. bri.wells (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this set. I have a stubborn area that would not go away and with this set, I could see progress within just a few days. AND the moisturizer after using the acne pad Makes my skin feel so clean and hydrated.

  3. rachelstreit (verified owner)

    Working from once a day use for the cleanser and every other day for the clarifying pads to every day use for both products has completely healed my skin from acne in about 5 weeks. Unlike other skin care lines, Beauty by DR Kay cleared my blemishes without drying out my skin. My pores are noticeably smaller and stubborn below the skin acne continues to clear up on its own. I mix in the anti aging night cream with the acne set 3-4 times a week for extra TLC in my nighttime routine.

  4. ritawatsonswork (verified owner)

    Caution: this kit will leave your skin CLEAR and GLOWING!
    I am 34 and have had stress and hormone related acne since I was a teenager. I have been in search of something that works for me for 20 years and I’ve finally found it. If you want clear skin – this is it!
    I did find that the moisturizer isn’t hydrating enough for me (I have a very sensitive/dry skin type) so I’ve used the kit’s moisturize in combo with another moisturizer and serum that my Derm recommended to me and it’s done the trick!

  5. Monica Rebelledo (verified owner)

    I have been using the Acne kit for about a year and a half now. I’ve had to deal with acne since I was 14 years old up until I started using this as an everyday regimen. I’m 34 years old and I can finally say I am acne free. I started off using it once a day because I have sensitive skin then in about a month I went to two times a day and haven’t turned back.

  6. Lori Buuck (verified owner)

    This kit is working great to clear up my 13 year old daughter’s skin!!

  7. amandabaisch (verified owner)

    This skincare set was a complete life saver! I was struggling with cystic and hormonal acne for months and this was the only skincare set that actually cleared my skin along with healing my skin barrier.

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(7 customer reviews)
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