90: 90: Episode 46: Beauty Trends, Koko Nuggz, and a Merry Christmas with @MsFloJo

As @MsFloJo would say, Hi Bitchezzz and Merry Christmas!

On this episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, MsFloJo, boss girl, entrepreneur and wife of music producer Scott Storch joins me along with celebrity hairstylist, Natasha Spriggs! Flo has such an energizing personality and is always so outspoken. We touch on the changes in beauty trends and Flo tells us about the first procedure she ever did when she was 17! We discuss the influence that Instagram has on some of the beauty trends that we’re seeing today and how celebrities like Kylie Jenner influence many trends that we are currently seeing. I give you some of my predictions for what will be trending in 2019 and what I plan to use Sculptra for next!

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