Top 5 fall face-fixers

pexels-photo-220116.jpgFall is an interesting time for beauty. Yes, we all love the changing leaves, hot chocolate, and cuddle weather, but it’s an easy time for our beauty regimen to fall behind. Most of us are bundling up and hiding our faces under scarves and beanies, so sometimes we forget to take care of our skin. In my opinion, however, this is the PERFECT time to show our skin some love and make sure it looks perfect in time for the holidays! Here are my top 5 favorite face fixers to help you FALL back in love with your skin during this time of year.

1. Chemical Peels

2. Vitamin C and Antioxidants

3. Brightening Pads

4. Body lotion

5. Moisturizing products

Keep reading to find out how I use these products!


Sun Damage: We all had so much fun playing in the sun this summer. Beach trips and hiking adventures are always a great time, but we aren’t perfect humans, and I’m sure we all had at least one instance where we forgot to put on sunscreen. Now that you’re back indoors, you might be seeing some effects from that on your skin when you’re looking in the mirror. Dark spots and sun damage can make us feel self conscious, but don’t worry, there’s definitely hope!

Peels are a great way to remove a few layers of skin and help lift some sun damage on the top layers of your epidermis. The skin underneath will look fresh, and you should take great care of it! Vitamin C and Antioxidants are great for lightening dark spots on your skin and helping brighten overall. If you’re having trouble with a really tough dark spot, my Brightening Pads contain hydroquinone, which is a strong lightening agent and can help equalize your skin tone.

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Moisture: No matter where you live, your weather is probably starting to get cold! Even in beautiful southern California, my staff and I are feeling chilly in our office. You might be tempted to take a warm bath at the end of a long day outside in the cold, but did you know that you might have been taking a bath wrong all your life? If you soak for hours, you’re doing more harm for your body than good. Research has shown that the perfect amount of time to spend in the bath shouldn’t exceed 12-15 minutes. After that, your body starts losing important oils that keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. And after you take a bath, you should always use a great body lotion to moisturize!

Cold weather may be drying your face out as well. It’s super important to moisturize your skin in the morning after washing your face, to make sure that it’s protected before heading outside and being exposed to the elements. After washing your face in the morning, use a serum like my Deep Blue Hydration, which absorbs moisture and quenches dehydrated skin all day. If you’re feeling especially dry, you can lock in extra moisture by using a moisturizer like my Night Quench. And although the sun isn’t shining as brightly anymore, I still recommend using a great sunscreen every day! My Perfecting Sun Shield Sunscreen moisturizes with green tea as well as providing SPF 50+ protection and has a nice tint to help cover up blemishes.


A few small changes to your daily routine will go a long way as we head into fall. Treat your sun damage and incorporate more moisture into your regimen and you will be glowing just in time for the holidays. You’ll feel great, and your family will be wondering what your secrets are!

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