Five Minute Friday: The Girl Boss Guide to Financial Security with Armine Bazikyan

Happy Friday, Beauty Byters!

We live in such a wonderful time. Women can spend time and money on feeling and looking beautiful on the outside, but we need to make sure the same amount of energy and effort is made to feel confident on the inside by having all their legal ducks in a row. In this weeks Five Minute Friday, I talk to Armine Bazikyan, Esq. about planning for the unexpected! Armine has been practicing estate planning since 2010 and has been named as Super Lawyer Attorney for the past 6 consecutive years, an honor is only given to less than 2.5% of attorneys in California. She is also the Founder of Bazikyan Law Group, APC, a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on educating the general public about the California laws that control incapacity and inheritance.  She helps beautiful women make sure their assets are protected and pass on to their loved ones. So many women are left with financial hardships life throws them a curveball and it doesn’t have to be like that. As a mother of teenage girls, one of the most important lessons I can teach them is planning for your future. Everyone can learn something from this episode and I would love to hear what you have to say!


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