Cyst & Mole Removal

At times, small defects in the skin can cause a detrimental impression on your appearance and presence. The normal aging process tends to produce moles and even cysts, creating a multitude of issues. Sometimes it is imperative to remove cysts and moles from the skin as they can cause alarming complications, both medically and aesthetically. Dr. Kay is exceptionally trained and experienced in performing cyst and mole removals and is here to help.


Cyst and mole removals are performed at Dr. Kay’s office in Pasadena since they are very minimally invasive. Dr. Kay will look at your specific treatment areas extensively during your consultations to devise the best plan of removing the cyst or mole.

Procedure overview

Dr. Kay will inject a local anesthetic to numb the area during the small procedure prior to removing any cysts or moles. At times, if the cyst or mole is very enlarged, a biopsy will be sent for further investigation to eliminate possible causes. A small incision is made near an inherent wrinkle area in order to hide the scar left behind.

Treatment expectations


If you would like to have a cyst or mole removed, you will first need to book an appointment with Dr. Kay for an in-person consultation at her office in Pasadena. Dr. Kay will make sure that you are a good candidate for a cyst or mole removal prior to performing any procedure. Additionally, Dr. Kay will outline the treatment areas she will be performing the procedure on. At times, the procedure can be performed the same day as the consultation to remove a cyst or mole.


There is little to no downtime with a cyst or mole removal. Many patients resume their normal daily activities the day after the procedure is performed. Mild soreness will be present in some patients but will often go away in a few days depending on the size of the cyst or mole. Dr. Kay will tailor her post-operative advice to your specific procedure since the size and complexity of cysts and moles differ from patient-to-patient.


The removal of a cyst or mole has immediate results. The area removed will be scarred



The risks of having complications after a mole or cyst removal are extremely rare and minimal. The scarring left behind from the surgery is nearly invisible to the naked eye, as Dr. Kay is experienced and talented in hiding scars.

Lasting effects

The chance of a mole or cyst removal recurring is minimal, but it is vital to completely remove the affected skin to minimize the risk of recurrence as much as possible. As mentioned previously, any scarring left behind is very minimal and nearly imperceptible.

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