Five Minute Friday: Let’s Talk Temple Filler

In this week’s Five Minute Friday, I talk all about the temples, filler for the temples, and adding filler to lift and open the eyes.

Hi Beauty Byters!

In this week’s Five Minute Friday, I talk all about the temples. Placing filler in the temples is a unique procedure that I have begun to do more and more often. Models like Bella Hadid are known for the gorgeous temples that make their eyes appear more open and lifted. This procedure is great for anyone that wants to look more lifted and youthful. While cheek filler has gained popularity over the years, people often neglect the temples. This is a very important part of your face and a touch of filler can make the world of a difference. With fillers like Sculptra, we can add volume while promoting collagen growth in these areas. I’d love to see you as a patient in my private practice! Come see more for seem cheek and temple filler. I know you’ll love it!

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