All About My Signature Lip Flip

One of the best ways to achieve luscious lips is by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers. Another approach to creating a fuller pout that is gaining popularity in my practice is my signature lip flip with Botox! This procedure involves injecting micro-droplets of Botox in the area above the upper lip into the circular muscle around the mouth called the orbicularis oris. Placing Botox in this area causes the upper lip to “flip” up, creating a fuller look. This technique is ideal for someone that has a gummy smile because it prevents the upper lip from flipping inwards when you smile. The lip flip is a quick procedure that offers minimal downtime. Although this procedure seems simple on the surface, I always recommend seeing an experienced injector when working with the anatomy of the face. My key to success with the lip flip is injecting enough Botox to relax the lip, but not too much that the lip loses function, which can impede smiling and eating function. The lip flip is the perfect alternative for those that might not be ready for filler or seeking just a touch of projection. Unlike many of the hyaluronic acid based lip fillers on the market, Botox needs to be injected more frequently. I love combining Botox with lip filler to add more of a pouty bee-stung look and projection. I love helping my patients achieve beautiful lips and the lip flip is one of my favorite procedures! If you haven’t tried my cult favorite KD High Volume Lip Plumping Amplifier, I know you will love it. It’s perfect for someone who has been considering lip filler or desires a little more volume during the day!

Be sure to listen to my podcast all about my signature lip flip by clicking here!