Under Eye Filler

It seems like none of us are getting enough sleep these days. If you're suffering from hollowness under the eyes, come visit Dr. Kay to get refreshed. Under eye filler provides instant results that help you look brighter - like you just got a night of sleep!

Click here for under eye filler before & afters! 

Under eye filler is perfect for anyone who is suffering from bags or hollows under the eyes. The filler is used to add volume back into the face where collagen has been lost. 

Dr. Kay prefers Belotero for the under eyes - it's a Hyaluronic filler that blends perfectly and creates a natural look for a refreshed face. Another option for under eye filler is Restylane Lyft! Both of these fillers are 1 year fillers, and most patients usually return after 6 months for a touch up. 

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