Sculptra® Butt Injections

Sculptra - Now being used in the Butt!


Sculptra butt injections have become one of Dr. Kay's most popular procedures! Dr. Kay is one of a select few physicians in the Pasadena (and Southern California) area who are practicing Sculptra butt enhancements. 

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Sculptra is not a filler - it's a biostimulator, meaning that it stimulates your body to grow its own collagen. This is what leads to the increase in volume and projection of your butt. Sculptra improves the overall size and volume of your butt! Sculptra can also be used to fill in dimpling caused by cellulite in order to create a smooth, flawless behind. 

Unlike surgery, Sculptra butt injections require NO downtime. Patients are free to work, travel, exercise, etc. after receiving these injections. Additionally, Dr. Kay uses a strong numbing cream during the procedure to prevent pain and guarantee the patient's comfort during the injection. Most patients say they feel "a few small pinches", if they feel anything at all! 

Sculptra butt injections are a series of treatments. On average, patients receive 3-4 treatments, spaced around 1 month apart. The amount of Sculptra used in each treatment depends on the results that you want to see!

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