Sculptra® - The Liquid Facelift

Until recently, your only option to tighten aging or sagging facial skin was to have surgery. Now there's Scuptra, which is a new treatment designed to stimulate the regeneration of your body's own collagen to smooth out lines and wrinkles, and to restore your lost facial volume. Sculptra is a quick and painless injection, similar to Juvederm, and provides long-lasting results.

If you have sunken cheeks, temple indentations, or hollows under the eyes, Sculptra can be used to promote production of your body's natural collagen -- and it even continues to work long after you complete your treatment! Many patients have report continued volumizing effects for over three years!

Price per syringe: $600*

Sculptra - Now being used in the Butt!

Sculptra butt injections are slowly becoming one of our more popular procedures! Similar to the way it works in the face, Sculptra injections help fill in dimpling and indentations in the behind, as well as stimulating the growth of new collagen to help you get a bigger and rounder butt. Unlike surgery, Sculptra in the butt requires NO downtime and can help you require results that look natural.

This procedure takes 2-3 treatments, usually spaced 1 month apart. The amount of Sculptra used in each treatment depends on the results that you want to see! Call today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kay!

Sculptra in the Chest

Have you noticed texture change in your décolleté? Sculptra can help you with crepey or leathery looking skin! This procedure can help stimulate your body to grow collagen in your chest that you might have lost while aging. Sculptra chest injections usually take 2-3 treatments, and you will love your results!