Sublingual Allergy Therapy

Similar to allergy shots, sublingual allergy therapy consists of drops placed under the tongue that exposes your body to the substance that you are allergic to. They gradually increase in strength to help your body build a tolerance to the allergen. Patients usually use the drops 3 times a day for 3 to 5 years, though some patients may need more time.

Taken from the allergy choices website, here are the advantages of allergy drops:

  • Treats the cause of your allergies, not just temporary symptoms. The goal of allergy drops is to help you build long-term tolerance to your allergens so ongoing treatment and medication are no longer needed.
  • Affordable and convenient. Compared to other therapies, allergy drops are less expensive and require fewer office visits. And you can take your drops where and when it’s most convenient for you (work, school, sports practice, vacation, etc.).
  • Less medication. Patients report, and research shows, that allergy-related medication use typically decreases after using drops, resulting in savings and less medication.
  • Better quality of life. The end benefit of allergy drop treatment is feeling better and enjoying life with fewer related hospital and clinic visits, and less time lost from work and/or school.

Allergy drops are safe and effective, and a great alternative to allergy shots. Schedule an appointment today to consult with Dr. kay about sublingual allergy therapy.