Looking for a sexy pout? Come visit Dr. Kay for a small change that will make you feel flirty and more confident.
Injectable Lip Filler

Whether you’re looking for a plump, flirty pout or a soft, natural look, lip filler is a perfect way to get your dream lips! Lip fillers are a fast and easy way to augment the volume and shape of your lips to look more luscious and appealing.

Dr. Kay is a master of lip filler. It’s one of the most popular procedures done in her office! Dr. Kay’s artistic eye helps her analyze what lip filler technique would be ideal for each patient, and her knowledge of various products helps her decide which type of filler would be best.

Injectable lip filler and botox lip flip by Dr. Kay Durairaj

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The most popular fillers used in our office for lip filler include Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. These fillers are marketed to last for 1 year, and most patients return in 6 months for a touch-up!

Botox Lip Flip

Are you suffering from No Upper Lip Syndrome? A lot of women have this problem – their upper lip curls in when they smile, making it disappear. A quick and simple way to fix this problem is a few units of Botox in the muscles above the upper lip!

Using botox above the upper lip helps relax the muscles, which prevents the upper lip from curling in while smiling! This is a great way to balance your smile and look a bit poutier while looking natural.


Because you move your mouth so much every day (between talking, singing, eating, etc), the botox wears off a little faster than it typically does in other parts of the face. The botox lip flip lasts around 2-3 months on average before you have to come back for a touch-up!