If you’ve always dreamed of a nose job, but aren’t ready to spend a few thousand dollars and deal with bruising and downtime – this is the procedure for you! Dr. Kay’s signature non-surgical rhinoplasty takes 15 minutes and provides instantaneous, beautiful results. Dr. Kay uses expertly placed filler to provide subtle changes to the nose.

Dr. Kay’s signature “Tinkerbell Lift Tip” is the perfect way to get a cute, feminine nose without surgery! In addition to altering the tip, Dr. Kay can shape the bridge of the nose to smoothen any bumps or ridges.

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Dr. Kay’s favorite filler for the injectable rhinoplasty is Restylane Lyft, which is great for sculpting and adding volume. Please be aware that this is an advanced procedure. Dr. Kay’s many years of surgery experience have aptly prepared her to perform this procedure, as she is an expert on the anatomy of the face. The nose contains important blood vessels, so please do not see an inexperienced injector for this. Come see Dr. Kay instead!