Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects everyone, whether it is someone you love or yourself. Testing for hearing loss is simple. If you think you might need a hearing test, here are the top ten signs to look out for.

  • You want the volume to be turned up louder than everyone else in the room
  • You ask others to repeat what they said more than a few times a day, especially when you are in a noisy room
  • You hear a ringing sound (tinnitus) in one or both ears
  • You are positive that people are mumbling, especially women and small children
  • You find yourself avoiding social situations because you know you’re going to struggle to hear what people are saying
  • You hear better out of one ear than the other
  • You dread answering the phone because you know you’re going to have a problem understanding the person on the other end
  • You have a harder time hearing later in the day than early in the morning
  • Your loved ones are begging you to get your hearing checked

The average person waits 5 to 7 years before they decide to do something about their hearing loss. With the proper medical care, those are years that could have been spent hearing the finer things in life.