At our Pasadena office, we provide the services of a certified audiologist who can help diagnose hearing loss, as well as provide therapeutic services for rehabilitation and management of hearing loss. With extensive training, skills, and testing equipment to evaluate the hearing of adults, infants, and children of all ages, we provide a comprehensive solution for our patients.

Auditory brainstem reflex testing examines the complete auditory pathway from the inner ear to the brain. The test takes approximately one hour, where we measure the response to “clicking” sounds presented at various loudness levels. This data allows us to determine how efficiently sound is moving through the hearing system.

Tympanometry is also used to evaluate the function of the middle ear. The tympanogram provides us with a graphic representation of the relationship of air pressure in the ear canal to the impedance (or resistance to movement) of the eardrum and middle ear system. When the eardrum is disturbed by a sound, part of the sound is absorbed and sent through the middle ear, while the other part of the sound is reflected back. A tympanogram provides us with additional information, especially the Eustachian tube function, to help diagnose and treat your hearing disorder.