Over 50 million Americans regularly suffer from allergies, and approximately 55% of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergies. In our office, we can diagnose your allergies using a simple skin test, which will show if your immune system reacts to certain allergens. Generally, we test using the “top 20” panel of most common allergies, but we can test for hundreds of allergies. Using the results from an allergy test, Dr. Kay will choose the easiest and most effective treatment plan for her patients.

Generally, allergies can be treated with medicine that alleviates symptoms, or by immunotherapy (allergy shots) that desensitize the body to specific allergens. Both treatments are effective, but the best method of treating allergies is allergen avoidance. If that’s not an option, we recommend NeilMed Sinus Rinse, which you can find at any pharmacy or drug store.

Finding out what specifically what you are allergic to is the best first step in treating your symptoms. Using a HEPA air filter if you have pets, or eliminating the dust mites from your home are two ways to proactively manage and avoid your allergy suffering. Come see us and get your life without allergy suffering started today!

Over 50 million Americans regularly suffer from allergies, see Dr. Kay for a life without allergies.