Have you tried multiple treatments for your migraines with no relief? Botox may be your answer.

Originally used to fight wrinkles, botox can now be used to help relieve migraines! Botox can be injected into facial muscles to help relax them and fight migraines before they start. Thousands of people have now turned to botox to help with their chronic migraines! Botox is a quick solution that can last you for months. The best part is, it may be covered under your insurance if you have been diagnosed with chronic migraines! Call to see how we can help you with your migraine problems.

5 quick things you should know about BOTOX® treatment

  1. It prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. BOTOX®prevents on average 8 or 9 headache days and migraine/probable migraine days a month (vs 6 to 7 for placebo) at 24 weeks.
  2. It’s given every 12 weeks. It will take 2 treatments, 12 weeks apart to determine how well BOTOX® is working for you. If you don’t get treated every 12 weeks, you may not get the full benefit of BOTOX®.
  3. It’s a small needle. People say that the injections feel like tiny pinpricks.
  4. It’s injected by a BOTOX® specialist. This is a doctor who’s experienced in treating with BOTOX®.
  5. It takes about 15 minutes. The injections take about 15 minutes, and are done right in your doctor’s office.

Information taken from the Botox website