ENT Services

Dr. Kay is a certified otolaryngologist, or ear, nose, and throat specialist. Dr. Kay completed her surgical training at UCLA and is the chair of her department at Huntington Hospital. Dr. Kay aims to help any and every patient who is suffering from medical problems such as allergies, sleep apnea, vertigo, and more! 

Throat & Voice

Hoarseness, loss of voice, and swallowing disorders can be treated medically. Tonsils and adenoids can become infected and cause bacterial infections. 


Millions of Americans suffer from allergies. Dr. Kay can help you discover which allergens trigger you so you can seek treatment. 

Audiology & Hearing

Hearing loss affects everyone. Testing for hearing loss is simple, and treatment can help restore hearing. 


Migraines can be painful and debilitating. Botox can be used to freeze muscles that cause migraines, helping you find relief! Thousands have received this treatment with great results!

Sleep Apnea

Millions of people suffer from sleeping disorders. We successfully treat many of these conditions, including sleep apnea and snoring. 

Vertigo ENG Testing

Vertigo is a common vestibular disorder that people of all ages can suffer from, but it is more common in older adults. Dr. Kay can diagnose patients with vertigo and treat them to help