How to Minimize Skin Aging Throughout the Decades

Did you know that after 20 years old, we start producing 1% less collagen every year?! In our 30's, the skin exfoliation process within our bodies decrease by 30%, leading to more visibly dead skin. In our 40's, less moisture is able to transfer between the skin layers, causing a dull and thin skin appearance. In our 50's, the sebaceous glands shrink more easily, causing the skin to be more prone to bruising. Here's what you should do at each age in order to help your skin remain youthful and beautiful!


What you should do in your teens

  • Use Glycolic Acid for a glow and gentle exfoliation
  • Use physician-grade skincare that contains salicylic acid to treat Acne
  • Use sunscreen daily

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What you should do in your 20s

  • Vitamin C - Best antioxidant to prevent sun spots and grow collagen
  • Use a physician-grade anti-aging moisturizer
  • Sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection SPF 50
  • Protect and Preserve
  • Microneedling for a Radiant Glow

What you should do in your 30s

  • Use a glycolic acid cream that exfoliates your skin
  • Use an under eye cream to revitalize your dark eye circles, think of under eye filler and botox
  • To avoid age spots use a bleaching cream to avoid hyperpigmentation
  • Do regular chemical peels 3-4 times per year
  • Retin-A cream to speed cell turnover and smooth crepey skin
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What you should do in your 40s

  • Stem cell growth factor serums to wake up dormant skin
  • Botox and Fillers every 6 months
  • Apply neck cream with peptides to tighten your neck
  • Treat chin fat, buccal fat and jowl fat pads with Kybella

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what you should do in your 50s

  • Sculptra for the chest, neck, and face to add volume and stimulate collagen regrowth
  • Do peels for face, neck, chest, and hands to reduce age spots
  • Continue Fillers/Botox every 6 months to stay soft and smooth