What skincare types would benefit from KD Skincare?
– KD Skincare has specially formulated products that can benefit every skin type, including acne-prone, sensitive, and dry skin. If you would like specific recommendations on what products would work best for your skin type, you can call our office at (626)316-7033 for order advice.

Where can I purchase KD Skincare?
– KD Skincare is available to purchase online at beautybydrkay.com with free shipping. Additionally, customers local to Pasadena, CA, can feel free to drop into our office during normal business hours to purchase our products.

What is your return policy?
– Our return policy can be found here.

I ordered the wrong product, what can I do?
– If you realize that you ordered the wrong product, please contact our office as soon as possible at (626)316-7033. If your order has not yet been shipped, a staff member will help you correct your order before it is sent out. If the product you meant to order is more expensive than the one you paid for, a staff member will help you pay the difference. Alternatively, if the product is less expensive than the one you paid for, a staff member will assist you in receiving a refund for the difference.
If your item has already been shipped and you would like to exchange products, please do not open the product you would like to exchange once you receive it. You will be responsible for shipping the mistaken item back to the office as well as paying for the shipping of the correct product to you. Please refer to our return policy as it outlines this information.

When will I receive my order?
– Our goal is for you to receive your order within 1 week of when it was placed. All customers will receive email updates when their order has been received in our system, and when it has been shipped. A tracking number from USPS will be included in the shipment email so you may track your shipment.

My order says delivered but I can’t find it, what do I do?
– Please reach out to our office at (626)316-7033 to report a missing order. We will replace your missing items.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?
– The majority of KD Skincare products are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. Products that are NOT safe to use are products that contain hydroquinone (Brightening Pads for Special Areas) and those that contain retin-a (Diamond Line Refine and Revital-Eyes). Do not order these products if pregnant or breastfeeding. Please feel free to call our office and discuss any additional concerns you may have.

Do KD Skincare products need to be refrigerated?
– No, it is not necessary to refrigerate our products. Please store your KD Skincare at room temperature.

Where are your products produced?
All KD Skincare products are produced in the United States in FDA-approved labs.

Are your products tested on animals?
No, KD Skincare is never tested on animals.