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We are so excited to have YOU join our amazing team of Influencers! We love every awesome girl and guy that we work with, and we are so happy to treat you to top-quality beauty procedures and products. In return, all we ask is that you promote Dr. Kay's services to your loyal followers!

Why should you work with Dr. Kay? 

Dr. Kay has over 15 years of cosmetic experience during which she has treated thousands of patients and helped them reach their beauty goals! Patients that visit our office walk out happy and confident. As an influencer, you have the opportunity to receive complimentary goods and services as well as promotion to Dr. Kay's growing population of social media followers.

Every influencer that works with us will receive: 

  • Partially or fully discounted cosmetic services (including botox, injectable fillers, facials and peels)
  • At least one complimentary KD Skincare product (which Dr. Kay will personally select to target your specific skin issues)
  • At least 2 Instagram stories introducing you and promoting you to Dr. Kay's followers

What do you do first? 

After reading over this information, you'll fill out an Influencer application where you'll introduce yourself and share your social media handles. Every application that is submitted gets reviewed and replied to! Please be aware that we have a limited influencer budget, so we unfortunately cannot collaborate with every awesome influencer who reaches out to us. But applications that are not approved immediately will be kept on file for future consideration!

Once your application is approved, a member of our staff will reach out to you to help you find an appointment time. We will do our best to fit you into our schedule as best and quickly as possible, but please be flexible! Dr. Kay sees between 30-40 patients per day and her schedule can be quite busy. 

What's next: 

Get ready to meet Dr. Kay! You're going to be joining us in our lovely office in Pasadena. Address and parking information can be found here. Please arrive to your appointment on time (15 minutes early is preferred)! You'll have to fill out some paperwork prior to meeting the doctor. Please be advised - if you are receiving injectable or botox treatments, please avoid blood thinners (such as aspirin), fish oil, and alcohol if possible for around 1 week before your visit in order to avoid bruising. 

Please be aware that Dr. Kay and her staff will be recording you during your visit - represent your brand and come camera-ready! As much as we all love sweatpants, we want Dr. Kay's followers to see you as the hip and trendy individual that you are. 

On your way to your visit, please post 1 Instagram story (either a picture or a video) telling your followers that you are on your way to visit Dr. Kay, and you are so excited to meet her! Tag @beautybydrkay in the story. This will count as one Instagram story that will be required from your Influencer Agreement (this will be explained more in a bit!)

At your visit:

Once you meet Dr. Kay, you will go over the fine details of what work you would like to get done. She will discuss what social media posts she would like from you, and any leftover payment she will require. On average, we provide one complimentary service per influencer, then charge a discounted rate for any additional services. You will sign an Influencer Agreement to confirm that you will make the expected social media posts in exchange for your services within 1 month of your visit. You will also provide your credit card information to be kept on file. If you do not make all required posts within 1 month of your visit, we will give you one warning. After that, we will unfortunately have to charge your card for the full amount of your treatment(s). You will be given a copy of this agreement so you can reference it. 

Dr. Kay will also post at least 2 Instagram stories featuring you at your visit, so her followers can get to know you! Please post one additional story while at our office, once again tagging @beautybydrkay.

Please note: You must be open with your followers that you are getting services done with Dr. Kay. This is not negotiable. In our office, we are trying to destroy the stigma surrounding botox and fillers, and you can help us by being open with your followers that even the most beautiful men and women need a little help. Our hope is that you will be honest with your followers about the exact services that you are getting. This is so they can see genuine results from what you got done. However if you are truly uncomfortable with sharing about specific procedures, like the Sculptra butt lift or Kybella for chin fat melting, you can claim you are getting another treatment instead (such as botox or fillers). 

Dr. Kay will also personally choose at least one of her amazing skincare products for you to take home for free. Dr. Kay's line, KD Skincare™, has products that target a variety of skin problems, such as acne, dry skin, pigmentation or dullness. 

After your appointment:

Within a few days following your appointment, please post one more Instagram story sharing how happy you are with your results, and tagging @beautybydrkay. This will make for a total of 3 Instagram stories posted (one prior to your appointment, one at our office and once following your treatment). You will also post one Instagram story promoting the KD Skincare™ product that Dr. Kay chose for you. 

Dr. Kay requires for you to post a minimum of 3 permanent Instagram posts that tag her in the caption. You can choose whether you would like to make the whole caption about Dr. Kay, or make it a normal caption (about going to the gym, shopping, etc) and then giving a shoutout to Dr. Kay at the end of the caption. Either way, you must tag @beautybydrkay and ask your followers to follow her. Some great examples from our awesome influencers are featured at the top of this page for your reference! These posts should be made within 1 month of your treatment.

The exact details of your posting expectations will be written in your Influencer Agreement that you will sign. Please be aware that we will have to charge the full cost of treatment if you do not make the expected posts, as this is a business agreement. A copy of the agreement will be provided to you for your reference. 

The goal after initially meeting you is to have a continuous business relationship for you in which we exchange services. We hope to see you again! Dr. Kay loves her team of influencers, and makes sure to treat them to the best services and products possible. 

Thank you for reading! Please fill out the influencer agreement below: 

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