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Cosmetic services

Dr. Kay offers a variety of cosmetic services, including injectable fillers, botox, facials, skincare, and more!

Injectable gels, fillers, and medications are the quickest and easiest way to fill in wrinkles and rejuvenate your most amazing facial features. We offer a full range of treatment options including under eyes filler, cheek filler, botox, lip fillers, lip flips, cheek filler, jawline filler, and sculptra butt injections. Dr. Kay will help you pick which type of filler are best for you! These subtle treatments result in substantial differences, and are sure to enhance the beauty of your smile. Learn more here

Visit Dr. Kay or our aesthetician, Gigi, to receive a refreshing facial treatment. Click here to learn more!

Dr. Kay performs a variety of cosmetic surgeries such as rhinoplasties. View before and after photos here